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APRIL 9-11, 2015 · Columbus, GA


2014 Highlights

3 days

16 speakers

2 panels

7 workshops

& you.


"The more that you learn, the more places you'll go." - Dr. Seuss

  • Sean McCabe

    Sean McCabe

    Letterer, Designer

  • Emir Ayouni

    Emir Ayouni

    Identity Designer

  • Meg Robichaud

    Meg Robichaud


  • Tad Carpenter

    Tad Carpenter

    Illustrator, Designer

  • Dave Coleman

    Dave Coleman


  • Laura Coleman

    Laura Coleman


  • Will Gay

    Will Gay

    Creative Director at Disney

  • Susana Gay

    Susana Gay


  • Aaron Sechrist

    Aaron Sechrist

    Designer, Ink Wars Champion

  • Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn

    Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn

    Letterer, Illustrator

  • Jen Mussari

    Jen Mussari

    Lettering Artist

  • Lenny Terenzi

    Lenny Terenzi

    Designer, Illustrator, Printer

  • Octavious Newman

    Octavious Newman


  • Jason Craig

    Jason Craig

    Sr. Designer at Wier Stewart

  • Molly Jacques

    Molly Jacques


  • Brian Manley

    Brian Manley

    Designer at Fun with Robots

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Panel Discussions

Get involved in the discussion. Panel talks will include multiple speakers.


Brian French

Brian French

French Paper

Nick Sambrato

Nick Sambrato

Mama's Sauce

Bob Ewing

Bob Ewing

Letterer, Designer


David Cran

David Cran


Riley Cran

Riley Cran


Cade Cran

Cade Cran


Don't just listen. Make.


Get in there and get your hands dirty.

  • Dustin Lee

    Dustin Lee

    Passive Income Workshop

  • Rick Messer

    Rick Messer

    Mobile Design Workshop

  • Danielle Evans

    Danielle Evans

    Food Typography Workshop

  • Mattox Shuler

    Mattox Shuler

    Designing a Typeface in Glyphs

  • Rob Davarnia

    Rob Davarnia

    Crafting Websites

  • Von Glitschka

    Von Glitschka

    Anatomy of a Logo

  • Stefan Mumaw

    Stefan Mumaw

    Anatomy of a Logo

  • Nick Slater

    Nick Slater

    Badge Building Workshop

  • Adobe, Inc.

    Adobe, Inc.

    Adobe Print Workshop

  • Bob Ewing

    Bob Ewing

    Getting A Handle on Beziers

  • Ian Barnard

    Ian Barnard

    Getting A Handle on Beziers

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Grab some coffee & donuts and have a seat.

8:00 AM

Rick Messer - Funsize Mobile Design Workshop

When is 1 pixel a pixel and when is 1 pixel a point? Designing native apps is a little different from designing for print or even web. There’s a lot more constraints, but there’s also a lot more freedom! This workshop will guide you through the basics.
NOTE: This is an all morning event and will overlap other workshops.

10:00 AM

Danielle Evans - Food Typography

Tips, Tricks, & processes for how Danielle does what she does. Plus hands on creating a few examples of your own to take home! This could get messy!

10:00 AM

Adobe - Print


12:00 PM


Take 5! or 30… time to go get some grub. Giddy Up! #cs15breakbread

12:30 PM

Mattox Schuler - Designing a Typeface in Glyphs

Have you ever wanted to create a typeface, but didn’t know where to start? The daunting task of finding and learning a type design application can often discourage designers from jumping in. This session will be all about breaking down those technical walls by learning the ins-and-outs of Glyphs. In no way is type design easy, but you’ll be able to walk out the door knowing how to create your own typeface. Note: It’s highly recommended you bring a Macbook to the session. Glyphs is only available for Mac, so unfortunately Windows and other users won’t be able to use the application. If you don’t have a Mac, you’re welcome to get a seat and watch as Mattox’s screen will be projected.

12:30 PM

Dustin Lee - Passive Income

Thousands of designers are creating almost passive income each month on top of their day jobs or freelance business. These designers are making anywhere from a few hundred dollars a month to over $30,000. The best part is you can set-up a side income for your design business by just investing a few hours a week.

Here’s a few things you’ll learn:
The secret asset that guarantees you additional cash flow whenever you need it (hint: it’s sitting right under your nose)
5 proven formulas used to generate side income (and the easiest way to set them up fast)
How to look inside your clients minds and find out exactly what they’ll buy from you.
Here’s what you need to bring:
Laptop or notebook
An open mind

2:30 PM

Bob Ewing & Ian Barnard - Lettering & The Vector Machine

Okay, so there is no automated machine when it comes to the vector process of lettering. There is no right answer when it comes to this process, but there are a handful of guidelines and techniques that will make it easier. The Vector Machine requires you to get your hands dirty and in this workshop we will do precisely that. Point by point, we will clicking and dragging our way through 2 jam-packed hours of Bézier curves. We highly recommend bringing along your laptop loaded with Adobe Illustrator, to get the most out of the class. A fully charged battery would probably also be a good idea. Cheers!

2:30 PM

Rob Davarnia - Crafting Websites

This workshop will help designers explore how to design effective websites. You will learn about web design basics, best practices, developer communication, and common design patterns.

4:30 PM

Von Glitschka - Anatomy of a Logo

4:30 PM

Nick Slater - Badge Building

8:00 AM

Speaker Talks

Speaker talks will go through 8am – 6:30pm. Final schedule TBD.

8:00 AM

Speaker Talks

Speaker talks will go through 8am – 6:30pm. Final schedule TBD.


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The Team

All the beautiful people you should high five & hug on sight.

  • Mike Jones

    Mike Jones


  • Fran Panto

    Fran Panto

    Board President

  • Peter Deltondo

    Peter Deltondo

    Web Designer

  • Rob Davarnia

    Rob Davarnia

    Web Developer

  • Alison Douglas

    Alison Douglas

    Travel & Hospitality

  • Holly Southerland

    Holly Southerland

    Front of House

  • Richard Longhi

    Richard Longhi

    Vendor Village

  • Sandy Ellingson

    Sandy Ellingson

    Community Affairs

  • John Smith

    John Smith

    Swag & Gear

  • Matt Gillespie

    Matt Gillespie

    Kickoff Mixer

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